The UBC (Ultimate Billiards Coach)

What’s the benefit of the Ultimate Billiard Coach?

„Nothing is more important for a house than a perfect foundation.“

With the Ultimate Billiard Coach (UBC) I offer you a training tool with which you can adjust posture mistakes and misalignments yourself.
The UBC adjusts body and cue perfectly to the cue ball – pocket line and by that helps you to rapidly increase your hit rate.
You’ll appreciate this especially with long, direct balls. With the optimized body – cue alignment and the thereby more exact hit of the object ball, not only the hit rate increases but also position play can be improved immensely.

The UBC is suited for rookies, advanced learners and experts likewise.
It helps you to lay your foundations cleanly and offers advanced players testing and optimization of their hit alignment.
With the UBC everyone can tap his full gaming potential.

UBC: Ingeniously simple = simply ingenious!


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Proceeding: Shipment within 7-9 business days after payment receipt.
You buy the manual through the button above, where you specify your address. You then get the UBC mailed to that address.

Since I’ve got a small business I can’t charge taxes (According German law, §19 UStG). International regulations have to be inquired.

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