SAMBA for pool

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SAMBA enables the player to learn step by step how to sink balls with accuracy. (incl. side spin!)

At the same time SAMBA enables any instructor to teach any student how to sink balls using an effective step by step method.

SAMBA covers shot angles from 0° to angles > 75°for direct shots and bank shots.

Using categories we align the cue ball and the object ball in category-specific ways.

The SAMBA method teaches how to consciously compensate for different throw effects and will enable the player to accurately sink balls while applying side spin, to play good position and to bank balls using easy but very concrete guidelines!

Reading this book (145 pages) and watching the instructional videos (4 hours) will help the player to understand which specific alignment is needed in which specific situations. After becoming familiar with the SAMBA approach, the game will become so much easier for any player!

SAMBA for pool is available as a downlodable online product only!
The product is published in a pdf format with integrated videos.

By following this guide, SAMBA will enable the player to play on a much higher level than ever before in an incredibly short amount of time compared with the traditional approach to the game!

Topics that are covered in the book and the instructional videos:

How to:

  • sight, align and aim (with CONCRETE reference points at the balls)
  • direct shots
  • combos
  • banks
  • break shots (8-ball, 9-ball, 10- ball, straight pool)
  • apply side spin using modern LD shafts
  • play good position

SAMBA for pool Video Trailers: