TRUESIGHT! – a revolution in cuesports

!!! currently out of stock !!!


!!! currently out of stock  !!!

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This great training tool teaches the player how to:

  • bend down correctly into his SETposition, while keeping HIS eye(s) on the line of aim!
  • find the perfect location for HIS eye(s) when aiming, to really perceive a true sight picture!
  • find the exact center of the cue ball!
  • align straight!
  • determine if his cue action is precise and his stroke is straight!

TRUESIGHT! will help you to make your personally needed adjustments by giving you an objective and clear feedback, regarding your actual perception, your correct eye position, finding the exact center of the cue ball and checking your alignment, to take your game to a higher level!

Please watch the video trailer below (or click on this link) in which I explain how to find your dominant eye and how to use TRUESIGHT!

TRUESIGHT! Video Trailer