Workshop Germany, 5 weeks, 1 participant

Datum Workshop

Sunday February 21st, 2016


Bastian Pförtner (Passau)


The conditions in the UBA were ideal for training.

They created a comforting and friendly environment with every supporting tool you need to achieve optimum results.


The course was tuned exactly to my abilities and needings, so that we had an exact training plan and a goal what to do and where to be after the 5 weeks.


Ekkes responded very much to me and my performance standard.

We not only went through everything theoretically, but with his playful abilities and his competence as a trainer he also could show me everything.

Perfect Aim

One topic in the workshop was the new “Perfect Aim” system.

After watching the DVD I just expected something positive out of it.

Ekkes could show me exactly how this system works and how to apply it. I must and can say it works definitely 100%, when you recognize the aiming point and also have a straight shot.


Finally I can say that training with Ekkes pleased me very much and was the good for me even more.

Ekkes knew exactly how to respond to me and never lacked the fun with it. With many suggestions and the knowledge he imparted me, my basic level has raised considerably within this short time.

I can only recommend the UBA!