Workshop Germany, 3 days, 2 participants

Datum Workshop

Friday June 13th, 2008


Robert Gackstatter:
The workshop was great!

During the three days with you and Bart I learned really much about my big “addiction hobby” billiards in a relaxed atmosphere – that much so I now know, how little I knew before and how much I still have to learn. …and the best thing is, I’m looking forward to it!

And by the way: Finally I’m able to jump! (smile)

Bart Coppens:
Dear Ekkes,
I want to write this mail because I feel the need to express my utmost gratitude and satisfaction.

When I started the 3 day workshop with you I wasn’t aware that I would travel such a distance. And now, a few days after the workshop, I only begin to appreciate the vast distance I have travelled in those 3 days. It seems to me as if I am now a completely different player compared to how I was before the workshop.

I want to state clearly that the content, the exercises, the teaching style, in short everything was absolutely perfect. You’ve not only taught me a big deal about the game, you’ve also teached me to love the game even more then I already did. Many of my frustrations about not being capable to do this or that shot have vanished over the course of those 3 days.

As a person I must say I absolutely enjoyed every minute I’ve spent with you and Robert in that basement and I’ll cherish the memory for ever as the single most exciting and enjoyable pool memory of my life. I am not only planning to come back, but I’m already actively looking through my agenda when I could possibly free up my time to come once more. Nevertheless I must first train and further adopt and finalise the changes you’ve made to my pool game.