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Datum Workshop

9. Mai 2009


Franky Kirnberger

I had two full days of single training. Usually I have a training pensum of 14 to 20 hours per week. Nevertheless I had a muscle ache at its best. That was a sign to me to have changed quite much. My goal with these two days was to improve my stand, a better position play and to learn some jumping.
My stand was changed completely so that I now am able to make constantly straight shots (the UBC was very helpful with this). Ekkes was also very patient and instantly corrected me when observing a mistake and when old routines were spreading respectively. I needed to re-take conscious playing in order to internalize all the new courses of movement.
Ekkes also predicted that my game will get worse after the workshop, what really was the case. He told me also that I needed to consistently keep the newly learned, despite getting worse, to make a jump upwards after approximately 6 weeks. This isn’t easy at all, since you doubt yourself from time to time. But then I thought I push through it, otherwise I could have spared the workshop, when doing everything like before. So I implemented it forcefully and behold, I can do straight shots consistently and jumping now also works out at a 90 percent rate. Also position play now is considerably better.
For me it was really worth it, playing in State League next season. Not to shabby for a 2 day workshop, isn’t it?
Regarding Ekkes: A very sympathetic and patient trainer, who responds 100 percent to your needs and leaves no question unanswered.
In autumn, I definitely will come back to him in order to work on my game.
Many thanks and always a good shot