Workshop Belgium, 2 days, 4 participants

Datum Workshop

Saturday July 12th, 2008


Jan, Bart, Benjamin, Frankie:

The workshop was great and the Pool-Poker was big fun!


The UBC corrected my stance and alignment after more than 9 years in some days. I improved from the first day that I trained with it. GREAT!


Ekkes this was good again. Everybody is happy about all that you teached them. Even Hans (Snooker player with several 100+ breaks with whom you played a match after the workshop and who watched the workshop the whole day) said: “even at my level I could learn new tricks – for me this was a complete discovery that I did not expect!


I like the rail systems. I don’t only have to guess on banks anymore.


Hey Ekkes, we are looking forward to next February to do another workshop with you in Germany.